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  • Vivid Technology specializes in professional business-oriented information technology services and on-going technical support. With over twenty five years of experience, our technical staff offers quality and reliable performance you can count on. Our goal is to provide our customers with custom-fit technology solutions that are exciting, unique, and different—just like our name, Vivid..
  • Whether your business needs a new computer system, or upgrades to your current system, Vivid can provide strategic IT services and improved productivity and reliability at prices you can afford. At Vivid we are dedicated to courteous, expedient, and professional service of the highest caliber.
  • If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Vivid representative regarding our ability to help improve your business performance, please e-mail us now at info@vividtechnology.com or call us at 239.250.7827. At Vivid, the customer always comes first.
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  • Introduction. Vivid provides the full spectrum of premium technology services such as structured cabling & wireless networks, fiber optics, business telephone systems, web development, assess/design/implement, advanced offsite backup monitor & management of your network. Optimize your profits and productivity today by allowing Vivid to assist with all of your technology needs.

  • Cabling & Wireless Networks. A well-conceived and implemented network infrastructure should serve your company for years and at the same time, expand and grow as your company requires—without repeated major expenses and costs. Structured CAT6 & Fiber-optic cabling create a core backbone for your critical business network needs, while wireless data communications to maximize employee flexibility and portability.

  • Buisness Phone Systems. Business phone systems with features and performance that optimize employee communication and productivity are essential to any business. At Vivid, we offer the latest in modern business phone technology.

  • Web Development & Management. The Vivid web development team will work closely with you to tailor a comprehensive, affordable, reliable and secure Web presence. We coordinate all aspects of the web design process using our best graphic design and programming engineers and the latest techniques in the industry.

  • Assess, Design & Implement. Vivid consultants will assist you in assessing the effectiveness of your current operation versus your business needs and strategic goal. Vivid will provide your business with a carefully documented and understandable design solution based on your business technology goals as well as your budget. The Vivid implementation processes (purchasing, receiving, staging, installation, and testing) are provided at the times and places that are most optimal to your business operations—to ensure minimal interruption of your business operations and minimal system downtime. See Easy As 1-2-3 (Step 1)

  • Advanced Offsite Backup. Vivid’s advanced backup and disaster recovery (BDR) hardware device helps maximize business continuity by allowing companies to reliably backup and restore critical business information in a fast and secure manner. See Easy As 1-2-3 (Step 2)

  • Monitor & Manage. Vivid utilizes the latest technology tools and processes to monitor the critical elements and applications of your system and network to help ensure top productivity, uptime, and efficiency. See Easy As 1-2-3 (Step 3)

  • Network Auditing. Vivid offers a full range of technology auditing services. We audit other technology companies to ensure that your network technology is secure and follows industries best practices. Call us today 239.250.7827 to discuss your auditing needs..

  • Cloud Services. Vivid offers several Clouds. Cloud Services are simply computer systems and applications that reside at service provider locations on the Internet. You are probably aware of long-existing email cloud services like AOL, Gmail and social networking Internet sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Today, rapidly growing and widespread use of the Internet to provide core business application solutions. Employees at many companies are using key business applications that are located at provider Internet sites that can be literally anywhere in the world.

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Hurricane Preparedness - Are You Ready ?

September 12 2014

Hurricane Business Continuity Preparedness for Technology Infrastructure

When hurricane season arrives, it's important for your business to be prepared – processes, people, and technology. This is especially important in the midst of an economic downturn/recession when businesses cannot afford to sustain significant loses in this year’s hurricane season.


An active hurricane season imposes an unwelcome set of challenges for businesses. Immediate concerns include the safety and security of employees as well as the prevention of damage to physical facilities.


Businesses must also prepare to successfully overcome the challenge of maintaining business continuity in the event of a hurricane. Best practices include assigning disaster recovery responsibilities to a specific team or individual within the organization. Important communications information including emergency cell and telephone numbers should be documented and kept current.


This remainder of this document is available upon request.

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• Vivid provides great customer service and is easy to deal with. It is that simple.


• Vivid products and services cover the spectrum of business information technology using business drivers in conjunction with proven industry standards. Strategic planning and consulting services are based upon the needs of your business.

• At Vivid we are selective in choosing our staff in order to offer clients a diversification of technical skills and talent, while maintaining positive and close relationships with our customers.

• Our technical consistency approach also ensures transparency between clients and our technical team.


• We support all industries – Non Profit, Medical, Legal, Accounting, Construction and many more.

• All aspects of our services for you are treated with the strictest confidence.

A Solid Network Foundation Is Vital To Your Business Success.

Professional network design, engineering, and documentation services provide for a high quality, efficient, and professionally managed project implementation--as well as on-going proactive support services to maintain your business continuity and profitability. Our onsite and cloud based systems allow teams to collaborate virtually saving time and money


• Assess the business drivers and needs of your company
• Design the optimum system to support the business goals
• Implement the best, cost-effective, solution
• Monitor critical system processes and performance
• Manage

Jeff Miller

An experienced and certified Network Engineer, Jeff Miller has provided area customers with superior technology services for over twelve years. Jeff migrated to Naples, Florida, in 1997. His past work history includes positions with a large-scale computer-assembly corporation processing equipment orders to universities of up to eight hundred computers-plus per day. A number of years with other technology companies afforded Jeff the opportunity to forge strong professional relationships with the full range area businesses and community leaders ranging from construction, hospitality, and law to accounting, medical, and others. Jeff then decided the time was right for his own company—one that would reflect his successful business model, the reputation for technical excellence, and fine customer relationships that built his reputation. With his high level of professionalism and dedication to a customer-first approach, clients can be assured of technical excellence along with quality service.